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A moment of quiet reverie is, for most of us in today’s fast paced world, an elusive luxury.  Perhaps that is why we are so drawn to the artwork of Royo... he transports us to a peaceful place, one of tranquility and beauty. The artist’s self-created paradise is in a small village near the city of his birth in Valencia, Spain.   Royo’s artistic training began at an early age. Throughout his childhood, he received private classes in drawing and painting in the studios of the most established artists of the city until he was old enough to enroll in the School of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia. Following this he began study trips to the most important museums of Europe to soak up all the knowledge of the classics.   Royo paints all he sees, everything that he has within reach, and what is closest to him is his wife, Margarita,  among others,  his daughter, Lucia and a family friend, Maria. Royo now resides on the outskirts of  Villamarchante, in a house he built that is a continuous source of inspiration to the artist.
Blancos- beautiful woman in whites

The translation of “Blancos”, in English  is “Whites”.

Royo has placed his model, Maria, on one of the ledges of the terraces that are up on a hill overlooking his estate. These concrete terraces are completely painted white.  The whiteness of the terraces are a perfect backdrop for the spectacular colors of the legendary gardens and flora. The model is relaxed and in a reflective state, basking in the gentle morning light.  The whites referred to in the title are in every variety...from the brightest sort as reflecting back at us from the painted surface, to the more muted tones found in her loose-fitting  garment. Each individual element of this work of art is perfectly balanced within the whole, and yet, can stand alone as itself.  The urn for example, is a composition of a separate painting, or the larger one behind, or the two pieces together.  This is one of the marks of Royo’s extraordinary art...the works are completely thought out and finished from corner to corner.

Blancos”  ~ Serigraph on Panel by Royo     131/230                                       unframed 42 x 42   

Sentimiento- (Feeling) woman with floral basket

The translation of “Sentimiento” in English, is “Feeling”

Royo has become world-renown for his brilliant paintings depicting beautiful women and flowers in sun-drenched environs, in gardens or near the sea. He is known as a Master for his ability to capture all the nuances of light which saturate his canvasses no matter what time of day.  He paints at all times of day and night, and some of his most accomplished creations are interior scenes, with the intimacy of the enclosed space and the situation contributing another dimension to the final product.
The incredibly rich colors in “Sentimiento”...the reds, yellows and carnation pinks, especially ...sit almost on top of the surface as impasto, creating a captivating dimensionality.  The title is, perhaps, an indication of the depth of emotion the artist has for the mode, who is his daughter’s best friend that has been posing for the artist since she was a young child.

Sentimiento” ~ Serigraph on Paper by Royo   unframed  29 x 36   

Instante de Luz-Instant of light, woman along beachwith long scarf in her hair

The translation of “ Instante de Luz”, in English, is “Instant of Light”

At the end of a hot day, on a remote beach on a distant, tiny bay on the island of Malloca, of the coast of Spain, far away from the crowds, the shadows lengthen and the colors darken as the sun begins it’s journey into the sea. From behind  some passing clouds the setting sun suddenly re-appears, brightening up all it touches perfectly and giving the viewer one last hint of the magical day gone by. It is like the icing on the cake, the last moment of light reminding all the beauty of nature. The glow spends one last fleeting moment...the instant of light...illuminating the model’s lovely skin, highlighting all the colors of the composition. This last ray emphasizes and infuses all of the blues and whites in the moving water, and the clouds reflect the myriad colors of the setting sun.

“Instante de Luz” ~  Serigraph on Panel  by Royo     19 x 25   

Genesis-beginning or origin, woman with childe

“Genesis”  ~ Serigraph on Panel by Royo          146/250      28  x 36     SOLD

The word “Genesis” the spelling and meaning the same in both Spanish and English,  evokes synonyms like “beginning”, “origin”, “birth”....all with similar connotation.

Royo has chosen the universal and everlasting theme, one that moves him very profoundly, for this series of paintings.  The bond which exists, naturally, between a mother and her child is one that a man can marvel and wonder at but is uniquely their own to experience.  We all know  fascination, nay his obsession, with the mystery and beauty of Woman.  In this composition the mother is perceived by the artist as a protective force with an inherent elegance.  The poses are more than natural, they are spiritual in sensibility. The mother gently envelopes the body with an aura of love and kindness.  The baby is the ideal infant...filled with happiness in it’s mother’s embrace and imbued with the innate innocence of a very young child.  One can sense the magical atmosphere in the studio during this creation, quiet excitement bathed in pleasure.

Winter -woman inside by lamp lighto


Spring-woman with parasol and floral baskets


Summer- woman with shear draping in sunlight


Three of “Four Seasons” Panels      12x24   

If there is an interest in any of the Royo serigraphs above and you would like us to send a larger visual, or if you would like details on those that are framed,  please send us an e-mail or just give us a call .  or 608-831-2231.

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