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Anne Wallace

Midwest Artist

Original Paintings on Canvas

Anne was born in the Midwest and educated at Milwaukee Area Tech, UW Milwaukee, George Brown University in Toronto and Colorado Woman's College in Denver.
The aesthetic of Anne Wallace's work lays in tis silence.  She has incited a solitary transaction between spectator and painting, a private and intimate meeting, encouraging an undisturbed absorbtion of image.
Using the canvas as a single plane. Stressing the two-dimensional character of painting and rejecting illusions of depth and gestural brushwork, Wallace applies colors in blocks that span the entire surface, suggesting that the composition may be yet a detail of a larger field.
The architecture of the canvas is devided laterally and horizontally into zones of color of close and contrasting tonal relationships, using predomiately ddry earth tones of siennasages and ochres that impart an illusion of transparency and translucence in surface.
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